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December 28,  2017 Newsletter


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Happy New Year 





In 2017, Firehouse Tango continued its tradition of being the best place to dance Tango in New Jersey and the ONLY place to be on Thursday nights. 


Though many of you thank us, the truth is that it's you, our dear Firehouse friends, who generate our success.  So at the beginning of the New Year, I want to thank you all for helping and for bringing wine, food, and goodies.  Mostly, thank you for coming every week, for the pleasure of your company, and for all of those wonderful tangos.   



I wish you all a year filled with good health, love and friendship and as the song says, "If you have the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance."




Celebrations - Anniversary of Rafael and Hilda

 January 4, 2018 - Anniversary of Rafael and Hilda 


 One of my very favorite couples.  I love them both.  They leave soon, so make sure to take this opportunity to celebrate with them.  They will start the anniversary dance together, then the tangueros can cut in on Hilda and the tangueras can do the same for Rafael.  Ladies, I'm first, right after Hilda.


If heaven is anything like celebrating one’s birthday at Firehouse Tango, it has a lot to recommend it.  Frankly, I’d rather be at Firehouse.  Thank you lovely tangueras, for a birthday memory I shall cherish.  Con mucho amore,

                                                                Steve Turi


I keep saying I do not want to celebrate any more birthdays, but how many men will line up to dance with me, if not for the traditional tributes on birthdays.....oh  well, you know that is not really true because our tanqueros dance with all of the ladies...

                                                                Terri Lopez

January at Firehouse Tango

​​​​​​​January 4

Anniversary of Rafael and Hilda - See above


January 11

No birthdays, just great dancing, eating, and socializing with wonderful people.  


January 18

Birthday of Estelle Stanger - (No dancing just cake and singing)  Our dear Firehouse Tango friend, who doesn't dance, but we just love her visits, and we especially love to celebrate with her.


January 25

Birthday of Rose Whitehill.  Rose is so busy that she  comes all too rarely.  However, she's a terrific dancer, and you tangueros are in for a treat.

Changes to Local Milongas


Milonga in Edgewater, NJ - Second and Fourth Fridays




See below - Events in December and January





See below - Reader's Corner





 Mike Porro and Al Ko Third Annual New Year's Eve Milonga at Grand Ballroom in Midland Park


Ring in 2018 with Argentine Tango


Fourth New Years Milonga

To Simply Enjoy Dance & Friendship


Grand Ballroom

Authentic Argentine Tango Music provided by

DJ Al Ko

8:00 PM – 1:00 AM

December 31, 2017

Latin interlude - Salsa lesson 10:00 PM

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Light Nibbles


Champagne at Midnight

$30 before 12/15

$35 12/16 – 12/30

$40 at the door (if space is available)

Mail checks payable to “Tango Loco” to:

Michael Porro

180 Old Tappan Rd. Bldg 5, Old Tappan, NJ 07675

Grand Ballroom Dance Studio

Midland Park Shopping Center (around the back)

85 Godwin Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432

For additional information call 201-768-0218 or email:

TANGO LOCO MILONGA is a spontaneous event that arises when the spirit moves us and

we have the opportunity to host extraordinary teachers of dance for our tango community.

On this night, our extraordinary teachers are you!





Cortinas on Demand



I'm waiting for more suggestions for cortinas.  Let me know if you have some favorite non tango music, and I will try to play it. Last week, I played  holiday music.  Next week, who knows?


A cortina (curtain) is a short piece (20–60 seconds) of non-dance music that is played between tandas at a milonga (tango dance event). The cortina lets the dancers know that the tanda has ended. The partners can then without insult thank each other and return to their own tables, to find a new dance partner at the next tanda. Cortinas are used at many of the milongas in Argentina and Uruguay but are increasingly common elsewhere- Wikipedia



Let us know if you are celebrating an occasion and would like to request special music for that night’s cortinas.  We will try very hard to accommodate you.  ​


Reader's Corner

 We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts to  We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts


From Michael Ditkoff - (Thanks to Mike for letting us know about Triangulo)  




It was announced at last night’s milonga that the Friday afternoon milonga is moving to Galleto’s, effective January 5 from 4:30 to 8:30. Eddie and Maura are hosts. (No Richard) You won’t see any information on the Triangulo website because the milongas won’t be part of Triangulo.


Saturday afternoons are already reserved for Steve Curlen and Carolina Escalona at Galleto’s. BUT the schedule is inconsistent. They were open Dec 2 and 16, closed the other December Saturdays and all January Saturdays. The hours are 4:30-7. 151 W 46th, 11th floor.


No word if Maura is going to looking for another place for Saturday afternoons.



Happy New Year.




Tango Tip of the week

moving, he chooses forward, backward, sideward, or in-place movement. At the same time, he invites his follower to move through space, to change weight in place, or to pivot. These decisions require absolute balance at the moment each of his prior steps have been completed. If the leader is unconsciously falling through space himself, there is simply no way he can maintain any kind of reasonable control over these choices. In fact, as we so often see, the dance actually ends up controlling the leader.


As a follower, each movement you make is entirely dependent on starting from a foundation of solid balance. If your leader suddenly requires you to stop, to reverse direction, to execute ocho,molinete, or some kind of complex pattern — and you’re not in control of your balance — it will be virtually impossible for you to comply with his invitation.


Social Tango involves two people in an interdependent embrace, trying to function as a single entity. By the very nature of such a relationship, even the simplest movement can be extremely challenging. If either the leader or follower (or both) compromise the interchange even further by neglecting balance at the completion of each step, the entire enterprise can easily become disastrous.


What can you do to increase the chances of success in your dancing? If you’re a follower, the answer is quite straightforward. Insist on finding balance at the end of each step you’re asked to take. This doesn’t necessarily mean coming to an absolute stop. What you do next is largely up to your leader. But it very definitely does mean noticing whether you’re being thrown totally off-balance, and being forced to literally fall into the next movement. At the same time, make every effort to maintain full consciousness in ending your steps; don’t pull your leader off balance by failing to control your own equilibrium.


If you’re a leader, begin to recognize that your follower’s balance — and the basis for every step she takes — is your responsibility. Yes, she does indeed have to find her own stasis as she completes each movement; but it’s up to you to avoid hindering that process — or actually preventing it — by constantly sending her precariously past the point of no return in an attempt to execute a complex pattern or to maintain a rigid adherence to the insistent cadence of the music.


Dancing Tango at any level is difficult. Whether you’re a leader or a follower, please start making your dance feel more comfortable for both yourself and your partner, by putting balance at the top of your list of skills to master.

Fran and Pat now offer a new class in American Social Dance

Hi everybody, Fran here with your Tango Tip of the Week. Pat and I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays. As we approach the New Year, you may be considering a few special resolutions for 2018. In keeping with that tradition, we’d like to propose a few that will go a long way toward helping improve your Tango.


Here are some of our Top Tips for leaders:


·      I will make every effort to master the skill of lead/follow.

·      I will search for conscious balance at the end of every step I take with every partner.

·      I will attempt to maintain the line of dance at all times.

·      I will put my follower’s continuous comfort ahead of all other considerations.


And a few for followers:


·      I will remember to bring myself to a stop at the end of every step I am invited to take.

·      I will keep my own balance during every dance.

·      I will execute every step with positive energy and conviction.

·      I will learn to speak the language of adornment, and use it sparingly.


Here are a few for everyone:


·      We will dance with the partner in front of us rather than some ideal who doesn’t exist.

·      We will never teach.

·      We will take regular lessons.

·      We will have lots of fun, dancing Tango no matter what our skill level.


All these suggestions are things Pat and I try to incorporate into our own Tango as best we can. We’ve talked about them again and again in our weekly Tango Tips (and will, of course, repeat them as often as possible). As your teachers, we want you to become as good as you can at dancing social Tango. As your friends, we want every day to be made a little better for having Tango in your life.


Happy New Year, everybody! We look forward to the great pleasure of your company in 2018.




Saturdays with Fran and Pat at Dardo Galletto Studios

The longest-running and friendliest practica in NYC! Come join our happy group of social tango dancers, whose sole purpose is to enjoy dancing and to practice what they’re learning. Everyone dances! Essential Tango Therapy! Pat and I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and help you with material you’re working on. Plus you get a new “must-have” move each week! No partner required, all levels. Dardo Galletto Studios, 151 West 46th Street, 11th floor, (bet. 6th & 7th Aves)


If you’d like a private lesson, you can visit our website at, call Fran directly at 212-662-7692, or email him at Join us on Facebook

Events in  January


Jersey since 2009.

Simply Social Dancing - January and February




Latin Night at La Havana 59

110 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie NJ  



There is no La Havana event in December.



Monthly class: 3rd Saturday

January 20th

February 17th


Women's Exercise & Technique Classes 

8:00 to 9:00 am 

Strengthening and Stretching to support your dancing


9:00 to 10:00 am

Technique class for Latin, West Coast Swing, & Tango dancing

201 694 7087  Lisa




Latin Night at La Havana 59

110 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie NJ  


Tuesday, January 30th

Tuesday, February 27th

7:00 to 10:00 pm


Mostly Salsa and Argentine Tango... some Bachata, Merengue, Rumba, & Cha Cha.

A beginnerArgentine Tango lesson to start.


$20.00 cover includes 2 house drinks or 1 drink & 1 Latin Night appetizer


For reservations and directions:

201 964 9515




Biagio's Restaurant for Dinner & Dance

299 Paramus Rd,  Paramus  NJ  


Sunday, January 14th

6:00 to 9:00 pm


A mix of music for all types of partner dancing.

A beginner dance lesson to start off the night.


$35.00 for dinner and dancing / Cash bar


For reservations and directions:

201 652 0201




Lisa Skates

Simply Social Dancing

201 694 7087




Nelson and Madalyn Avilla Milonga in Astoria


We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season
 and hope you will join us   January 5th 
when we continue our La Milonga Tango Argentino at 
    HOME Restaurant and Lounge
        28-49 Steinway Street
            Astoria, NY 
        7:30- 11:30
Best Wishes, Madalyn and Nelson



Our cancelation policy - We STILL rarely cancel


Even though we had to cancel once last year because of a blizzard, we still rarely cancel!

We want to remind everyone that if the weather looks really bad, we will leave messages on our web site and my cell phone 201-826-6602. Feel free to leave a message.



We cancel only when absolutely necessary (only about eight or nine times in all these years - including, unfortunately, the Thursday that I was in Florida, but please check whenever you're not sure. If there isn't any message, we're on.

During Hurricane Sandy, when we had only cell phone service, I was able to leave a message on my cell, so I guess that the best number to call is 201-826-6602.




A final thank you

The following folks helped set up, break down and clean up before and after the milonga. Without them, there would be no Firehouse Tango.



  • Steve Turi
  • ​​​​​​​Lynn Gross
  • Tsipoyra Sartan
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Steve Maisch
  • Jesse Barton
  • ​​​​​​​Hilda and Rafael
  • and thanks to all the other folks who helped.  It really makes our job much easier, and we certainly appreciate it.


And of course, without Terri Lopez and Steve Turi  we would have to close up shop.



A reminder that Firehouse Tango does not supply wine - Your fellow tangueros bring it. Therefore, if you drink it, please make sure to bring a bottle every so often.

The folks below brought food and wine this week  -

  • Nina Grynyk - Crepes with cabbage and with jam
  • Flo - Cheesecake
  • Ingrid Jacob - Tiramisu


And these people brought wine 


  • ​​​​​​​Barbara Lombardi
  • Jesse & Cathy
  • Carl Schaefer
  • Adrienne
  • Al & Lilian
  • Bob Brillo
  • Slava & Naum


Tango in New Jersey and New York




Firehouse Tango

Maywood, New Jersey - Every Thursday night. (See bottom of this newsletter for details) or call 201-826-6602 or or e mail

Milonga Los Pitucos

Tango every Third Saturday @ Milonga Los Pitucos



65 Oak Street
Oakland, NJ 07436                

For directions click here


Filip Ross Art Dance Studio - Argentine Tango Night



Filip Ross Art Dance Studio - Argentine Tango Night
Every 1st Saturday of each month  8:00 - 11:00


Filip Ross Art Dance Studio







Milonga on the Hudson - in Edgewater, NJ - Second and Fourth Fridays





'HOLIDAY Milonga this Friday, December 22

8.15-9pm Argentine Tango Workshop, All levels
9pm-12am: Milonga Party with the most wonderful DJ Larisa
986 River Road, 2nd floor
07020 Edgewater, NJ 


Triangulo - 




See note from Mike Ditkoff in Reader's Corner


More Tango - Richard Lipkin's web page

Thanks to Gayle Madera, the New York Tango web page will continue to be the best source for up-to-date listings of Argentine Tango in New York and New Jersey



About us

Every Thursday look what you get for just $15!!!

BEGINNER LESSON: 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., taught by Fran Chesleigh & Pat Altman INTERMEDIATE LESSON: 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., taught by Fran Chesleigh & Pat Altman MILONGA: 8:30 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. with the world's friendliest tango crowd!!!

Join us at the Maywood Columbian Club Hall every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. for an evening of Argentine Tango with a sprinkling of Latin and swing. The Beginner lesson begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. and the Intermediate lesson is at 7:30 p.m. (It's OK to come a bit early to warm up and get ready.) The milonga follows from 8:30 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. We serve a great buffet, and you can bring food and wine, if you'd like. Admission of $15 covers both the lesson and the milonga. We ask that people not wear jeans. Singles and couples of all ages are welcome.

Send to this email address for additional information. The Columbian Club  address is below, and anyone who has questions or needs directions can call Sue Dallon at 201-826-6602. If you know anyone who would like to be added to our list or called with information, or if you want to be removed from the mailing list, reply to this email with details.

Sue's contact number:
Cell 201-826-6602
Firehouse Tango, 31 Mulberry Ct. Paramus, NJ 07652, USA 
 Maywood Columbian Club  Hall 105 Grove Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607 - 15 minutes from GWB

Firehouse Tango is a cooperative venture, run by dancers for dancers. Our goal is to collectively provide an environment in which everyone who joins us has the chance to dance Tango, to meet other people who dance Tango, and generally to have a really wonderful time.