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May 18,  2017 Newsletter

Monica Paz - In New Jersey June 13-17  - Lessons Available 
A few openings for lessons with Monica still available


Monica Paz, our wonderful teacher and friend from Buenos Aires, will be available for limited private lessons in New Jersey from Tuesday, June 13th through Friday, June 16th.  Sign up now while the opportunity still exists.  Happily she will also join us for Firehouse Tango's fourteenth anniversary celebration on Thursday, June 15th.  Additionally, she will be at Los Pitucos Milonga in Oakland on Saturday, June 17th.  

Please call me at 201-826-6602 or e mail to reserve time for lessons.  I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

She will also be giving private and group lessons in New York City.  I will publish her schedule as soon as it is available.  

For registration, please contact Monica at:


About Monica 

Monica Paz was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and tango has been her full time profession for almost 20 years.  She specializes in Tango Milonguero style (with its strong chest-to-chest connection) which she loves to dance with the best old milongueros in the best milongas of Buenos Aires.  

Five years ago, Monica realized her dream of  opening her own studio in Buenos Aires (at 30 Riobamba near the Congresso.)  Monica and Osvaldo Natucci (one of the best milongueros in Buenos Aires) also teach private lessons.  If you are in Buenos Aires, I highly recommend checking out these lessons.  

Monica has taught extensively all over the United States and Europe, as well as in Australia and much of South America.   



Monica's web site with interviews of old milongueros  

Monica is passionate about preserving the traditions, codes, and history of tango.  To this end, she continues pursuing her project of interviewing the precious few remaining old milongueros of Buenos Aires.  Their stories and the videos accompanying them, as well as other wonderful videos of Monica can be found on her web site at   Scroll down for English or Spanish selection. 

Monica Paz - In New York City


Hello tangueros,

I am very happy to announce my upcoming visit to NYC. This year my visit will be shorter, however I have A LOT to share with my students. After more than twenty years of dancing with the Milongueros in Buenos Aires and learning from them, I regard them as the connection between Tango in the Golden Age and nowadays. For the Milongueros and for me, Tango is more than a fashionable dance.
“I don't want to teach you just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it: this is my CHALLENGE”. If you feel ready for that, you can find me at the Astoria Tango Club or in my Master Classes and Private Lessons.

Here is the schedule of my visit:

- GUEST INSTRUCTOR at: Astoria Tango Club June 11th and 21st

-SATURDAY of MASTER CLASSES, Saturday June 24th at Champion’s Studios 

Saturday 24   

3:00 to 4:45 PM, Master Class 1:

Get the most of your dance improving your technique.



3:00 a 6:45 PM Master Class 1 & 2:

As a leader or follower, achieve how to express the music in every single movement.



Pre-registration required, first come, first served.   
Master Classes and private lessons will take place at Champion’s studios. 257 West 39th Street, 14th floor.  



-PRIVATE LESSONS:  Few spots available.



Thank you for sharing this information with your fellow tangueros and tangueras! 


Un abrazo milonguero,
Sue to DJ at Milonga on the Hudson in Edgewater
Jevgeni asked me to DJ at his great Friday night milonga in Edgewater.  This will be my first DJ venture outside of Firehouse.  Yikes! I'm a little nervous, and I need as much support as possible.  Please come on Friday, June 2nd, to enjoy this great New Jersey milonga with music that I know my friends will enjoy.   See below for information. 


You are All welcome to experience this unique Tango event on the Hudson with  Ninah Beliavsky, Jevgeni Davidov and Matthew Liam O’Toole. Join us EVERY FRIDAY! night starting at 8pm for a Pre-Milonga class followed by a Milonga and performances! Bring your friends and let’s Tango!
8.00-9.00pm: Pre-Milonga Class (All levels)
9.00pm-12.00am: Milonga
Snacks and drinks will be provided
For non-members: $14/person at the door
Members: included in your membership
No partner necessary
Students can book instructors for assistantships
For more information please call 2018868008
986 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020
Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater
Hudson Dance Studio is conveniently located just minutes aways from George Washington Bridge. We are close to following points of interest:
– across from Edgewater Ferry Terminal
– across from Lukoil gas station
– across from residential white building ‘Admiral Walk’
– on the corner of River Road and Route 5
– a few blocks away from Whole Foods market
– bus 158 stops conveniently in front of the studio, bus stop is called ‘Route 5’

There is parking in front of the studio with about 25 parking spots. Another option to park is municipal parking (free after 6pm) – across from the big white residential building ‘Admiral Walk’ on River Road. You pass the studio on your left and after the intersection parking is on your right. There is parking behind the dance studio on Hudson Avenue and side streets of Hudson Avenue.

Terri back - Thank Goodness!
Our indispensable second in command, Terri Lopez, was out on vacation last week, and boy, did we miss her!  Thank goodness, she is back this Thursday.   Now that she has returned, we can all breathe easy once more.  Thanks to all of our Firehouse friends for pitching in to help while she was gone.



Next Thursday, May 26 - Birthday of Frank Reich

Frank will show us all what a terrific dancer he is.  We are absolutely delighted that he has decided  to celebrate his birthday at Firehouse.  The dance will be awesome. and all you Firehouse tangueras will love dancing with him.   I hope he'll want to have his birthday celebration at Firehouse every year from now on. Frank brought the birthday cake, 




If heaven is anything like celebrating one’s birthday at Firehouse Tango, it has a lot to recommend it.  Frankly, I’d rather be at Firehouse.  Thank you lovely tangueras, for a birthday memory I shall cherish.  Con mucho amore,
                                                                Steve Turi

I keep saying I do not want to celebrate any more birthdays, but how many men will line up to dance with me, if not for the traditional tributes on birthdays.....oh  well, you know that is not really true because our tanqueros dance with all of the ladies...
                                                                Terri Lopez

Cortinas on Demand

I'm waiting for more suggestions for cortinas.  Let me know if you have some favorite non tango music, and I will try to play it. This week's cortinas were by Frank Sinatra.

A cortina (curtain) is a short piece (20–60 seconds) of non-dance music that is played between tandas at a milonga (tango dance event). The cortina lets the dancers know that the tanda has ended. The partners can then without insult thank each other and return to their own tables, to find a new dance partner at the next tanda. Cortinas are used at many of the milongas in Argentina and Uruguay but are increasingly common elsewhere- Wikipedia


Let us know if you are celebrating an occasion and would like to request special music for that night’s cortinas.  We will try very hard to accommodate you.  ​
Reader's Corner
 We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts  We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts to

Tango Tip of the week
Hi everybody, Fran here with your Tango Tip of the Week. What do you think about, when you dance Tango? For many followers the answer is "I hope I don't make a mistake." For many leaders, it's "What step am I going to do." Both answers are quite predictable, I think; but both are misguided, and can ultimately create problems for the dancers.


Let's talk about the follower's point of view first, because I believe it's somewhat more direct than that of the leader. As a follower, your primary focus is on your response to a good lead, and the quality of your movement during any given step.


To be more specific: Lead/follow, as you've heard me say many times before, is a very precise communication between leader and follower. A skilled follower always knows exactly what a skilled leader is asking her to do, and acts accordingly. Once the follower has initiated her movement based on the lead, she knows that her job is to execute a single step, and bring herself into accurate balance at the conclusion of the movement. She then repeats this cycle -- response to the lead, execution of the step, and balance -- with every movement she makes.


If the follower is dancing with a skilled leader, the thought of "making a mistake" never occurs to her -- because she knows that her leader is consistently and intensely focused on her and the success of her movements rather than on himself. Conversely, if she constantly fears that she's going to "make a mistake," this may mean that the leader isn't doing his job properly, or that she herself just doesn't yet have experience she needs to be confident enough to respond appropriately to a credible lead.


This brings us to the leader's mindset during the dance. As I suggested earlier, many leaders are busy thinking about what they themselves are about to do -- what figure they're going to attempt to execute -- rather than what they want their follower to do. A skilled leader, on the other hand, is focused on both his own movements and those of his follower at the same time. In the first place, he, too, is well aware of maintaining the cycle of individual movement -- response to the lead, execution of the step, and balance -- with every movement he makes. When he decides that he wants to execute a sequence of specific steps, he has a mental "picture" of the elements of the sequence in his mind. But he also knows exactly what he wants his follower to do by way of executing the figure.


To put it another way, the leader's responsibility is to be thinking about what he wants to do himself, what he wants his follower to do, and how he's going to go about inviting her to do it. His focus, therefore, is on many individual aspects of movement in the same moment.


Beyond all this, of course, the leader also needs to concentrate on moving appropriately within the context of the music. Furthermore, he has to construct his dance in a way that keeps his partner and himself from encroaching on the space of other dancers. His total focus during the dance, therefore, is far more varied and complex than that of the follower. A singular concentration on "what do I want to do," would not only be inappropriate, it would border on being dangerous.


Learning to be a skilled leader and/or a skilled follower should be the focus of your study of social Tango. Amassing an "impressive" vocabulary of figures -- while certainly tempting to the unskilled dancer -- is at best a waste of time and energy. Please try to stay focused on the prize; i.e., becoming a good dancer. That is the goal. As your skill level increases, figures will be surprisingly easy.


I absolutely guarantee it.

Fran and Pat’s Guided Saturday Practica at Dardo Galletto
The longest-running and friendliest practica in NYC! Come join our happy group of social tango dancers, whose sole purpose is to enjoy dancing and to practice what they’re learning. Everyone dances! Essential Tango Therapy! Pat and I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and help you with material you’re working on. Plus you get a new “must-have” move each week! No partner required, all levels. Dardo Galletto Studios, 151 West 46th Street, 11th floor, (bet. 6th & 7th Aves)


If you’d like a private lesson, you can visit our website at, call Fran directly at 212-662-7692, or email him at Join us on Facebook at

for Fran and Pat’s Tango workshop Sunday, May 21
12:30 – 3:30 pm 
Pearl Studios, 500 Eighth Avenue, NYC
(bet. 35th and 36th Streets) 
12th floor, Room 1201


$40 pp by Saturday May 20

$45 pp at the door on Sunday May 21

All levels. No partner required.  
Checks and cash accepted. No refunds. No exchanges.
Los Pitucos Milonga Saturday, 5/20/17

Next Milonga - Saturday, May 20th, 2017
Special guest instructor  - Alicia Cruzado

Alicia Cruzado is an authentic master of salon tango, experienced
as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and artistic director. 
More information on her site -

Lesson at 7:00pm
Social starting at 8:00pm

Couples, singles and beginners welcome!
Admission $15, including home cooked "delight"
65 Oak Street
                  Oakland, NJ 07436                
For directions click here

Los Pitucos Milonga brings the best of Argentine Tango to 
Northern New Jersey.
Experience the finest of Buenos Aires at our Saturday night 
Milonga at the American Legion.
Los Pitucos is a Monthly event which is held on the Third 
Saturday of the month...

Find yourself engulfed in the spirit of Buenos Aires, circa 1940. 
 Mingle with other delightful Tango dancers.
Allow the romance of the period music to move you.  

Your evening's hosts "El Tordo" and "El Zurdo" are dedicated 
to an authentic and enjoyable Tango experience.  Our DJ 
(and instructor) El Tordo, incorporates composers from the 
"Golden Age of Tango" to replicate the best of the Milongas 
of Buenos

Milonga Los Pitucos is the first and only Milonga to offer gourmet
 food, prepared fresh,
by our chef "El Tordo".  Chef Tordo takes pride in creating a new
 dish for every event.

We have been bringing the finest Tango events and music to New
 Jersey since 2009.

         ● Beginners Welcome... no partner necessary.
                 ● Cocktail Bar area - BYOB
         ● Munchies & Finger food (Feel free to bring a dish to share)
         ● The evenings "delight" is made fresh before the Milonga by
 chef "El Tordo"
Facebook Members: Please join Los Pitucos Milonga group by 
clicking here


Simply Social Dancing - Lisa Skates

Latin Night at La Havana 59
110 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie NJ 

Tuesday, May 30th
7:00 to 10:00 pm

Mostly Salsa and Argentine Tango... some Bachata, Merengue, Rumba,
& Cha Cha.
A Latin evening for those who enjoy Latin music, food, and dancing!
An Argentine Tango lesson to start (for all level dancers).

$20.00 cover includes 2 house drinks or 1 drink & 1 Latin Night

For reservations and directions:
201 964 9515



Biagio's Restaurant for Dinner & Dance
299 Paramus Rd,  Paramus  NJ

Next date:
Sunday, June 11th
6:00 to 9:00 pm





Our cancelation policy - We STILL rarely cancel



Even though we had to cancel once this year because of a blizzard, we still rarely cancel!

We want to remind everyone that if the weather looks really bad, we will leave messages on our web site and my cell phone 201-826-6602. Feel free to leave a message.


We cancel only when absolutely necessary (only about eight or nine times in all these years - including, unfortunately, the Thursday that I was in Florida, but please check whenever you're not sure. If there isn't any message, we're on.

During Hurricane Sandy, when we had only cell phone service, I was able to leave a message on my cell, so I guess that the best number to call is 201-826-6602.




A final thank you

The following folks helped set up, break down and clean up before and after the milonga. Without them, there would be no Firehouse Tango.

  • Tsypoyra Sartan
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nina 
  • Steve Turi
  •  Lynn Gross
  • Herb Kahn
  • Jesse Barton
  • ​​​​​​​Steve Maisch

And of course, without Terri Lopez and Steve Turi  we would have to close up shop.


A reminder that Firehouse Tango does not supply wine - Your fellow tangueros bring it. Therefore, if you drink it, please make sure to bring a bottle every so often.

The folks below brought food and wine this week  - See list of Passover contributions above.  
  • Henry Kim - Rolled Smack
  • George Ngo - Grape & Cheese
  • Ingrid Jacobs  - Apple Cake

And these people brought wine 
  • Barbara Lombardi
  • Bill Auer
  • Fred Meyer
  • George Ngo
  • Francis & Marie
  • Eduardo Campos

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