September, 2018 at Firehouse Tango


September 6 - Sue out, A team takes over.  Tsipoyra's birthday


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September 13 - Jewish New Year Dinner/Milonga

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September 20 - Venue change to Twin Door Tavern/Maywood Inn


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September 27 -Birthday of Terri Lopez 


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Tsipoyra's birthday September 6


Tsipoyra has been an integral part of Firehouse Tango for many years.  She helps Terri set up every week, and she helps close down, as well.  She's a good friend and a loyal Firehouse Tango supporter.  We are thrilled to be able to celebrate her birthday. 


Sue out Thursday, September 6th  A Team takes over


I'm off to California


I'll be visiting Los Angeles for a tango festival and  San Francisco to see my daughter and her family.  This time, I'm passing up Firehouse for tango and  family fun.  Fortunately, I can leave my baby (That would be Firehouse Tango) worry free because I have incredible friends who are more than willing and able to keep the Firehouse fires burning brightly. Please support our wonderful back-up team. 




The logistics - The A Team


Terri Lopez (Wonder(ful) Woman) and Steve Turi (aka Superman) have generously offered to head up our milonga logistics team in addition to their normal invaluable weekly help.  The tasks involved in running Firehouse are monumental, and we are incredibly fortunate to have so many fabulous friends willing to step in whenever needed. 


But What about the Music? Rich Ariza DJ's


Not to worry.  While we are away, your tangos, milongas and valses will be spun by fabulous guest DJ, Rich Ariza.

He has been our guest DJ at Firehouse and is very much in demand all over the NY metropolipan area.  





Rich has guest-DJ'd at many New York and New Jersey milongas, and we've had the pleasure of his company - not to mention DJ expertise - quite often at the Firehouse. 




How about the newsletter?


This Firehouse Tango newsletter has been published nearly every week since March, 2002 and thanks to Fran and Pat, the next two weeks will be no exception. 


Among his countless talents, our remarkable instructor, Fran Chesleigh, is a professional writer.  As always when I am out, he and his equally extraordinary assistant, Pat Altman, flawlessly and with a style of their own, take over the task of writing the Firehouse Tango newsletter.  I will send his handiwork out when I return.


This awesome duo is usually found at “Fran’s Table” in the alcove closest to the DJ table.  They are always happy to answer your Tango questions or show you how to do something you might have missed, so make sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best.  


Thursday, September 13 Jewish New Year Dinner/Milonga



As is our tradition during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, some of our tangueros judeos will bring traditional holiday food for our Firehouse friends Thursday, September 13th..  You don't have to be Jewish to contribute and it's not too late,  so let me know if you'd like to make something.  Just send an e mail to 

The schedule for the evening will be as normal, including dinner (traditional and spectacular), lessons, and dancing.


Here is what we have so far for this ethnic feast (You will note that there are some honorary Jews among the contributors):

Sue Dallon           brisket, carrots, potatoes string beans Turkey

                               Apples and honey from Joe's bees


Mike Porro         Salad with bitter herbs

Judy Assisi         Drunken fruit



Georgina Blitzer    Noodle kugel


Ingrid Jacob             Cake 



Thursday, September 20 Firehouse Tango at Twin Door Tavern (formerly Victor's Maywood Inn) 


Firehouse Tango at Twin Door Tavern (formerly Victor's Maywood Inn) on Thursday, September 20st (one day only)


On Thursday, September 20th, Firehouse Tango will be at the Twin Door Tavern (formerly Victor's Maywood Inn), less than a mile from The Knights of Columbus.   The time and schedule is the same as always. The place will change, the price will be lower, and you CANNOT bring wine.  Please order something from the menu.



Twin Door Tavern - Victor's Maywood Inn

122 W. Pleasant Avenue
Maywood, N.J. 07607-1235
(201) 843-8022

Thursday, September 2oth

7:00 - 7::30  :             Basic tango lesson with Fran Chesleigh

7:30 - 8:30   :                Intermediate tango lesson with Fran Chesleigh


8:30  - 11:00 PM      Milonga


Admission is only $10 and includes lessons and milonga.  The Twin Door Tavern has an excellent menu and bar.  We encourage you to try both.  Please do not bring wine.


For additional information, call Sue at 201-825-1570

Thursday, September 27 birthday of Terri Lopez


Terri, who has become so indispensable that I say in all seriousness that Firehouse Tango could not exist without her, celebrates her birthday on Thursday, September 27th.  


 We will invite the Firehouse Tangueros to show our most loyal Firehouse friend EVER just how much we all appreciate her . Our dear friend Rudy will start the birthday tango.  Then, a stream of Firehouse Tangueros will cut in, dancing to Di Sarli tango and a milonga.  The cortinas, of course, will be Terri's favorite, Tony Bennett.


I (Sue) will bring the delicious cake with Terri's beautiful picture.  



Terri Lopez has been a part of the Firehouse family  since our first days at Paramus Firehouse # 4, and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations with her.  



 I want to point out that Terri Lopez is more than a helper who I call Wonder Woman and who takes my place when I am out.  Terri is our CEO and has as much, if not more, responsibility and authority than I do. 


Let me make it clear: Firehouse Tango would not exist without her