December, 2018 at Firehouse Tango


December 6 


No birthdays, just great dancing, eating, and socializing with wonderful people. 



December 13


Christmas/Hanukah/New Years celebration milonga.  See below.



December 20


Anniversary of Marie and Francis Gregoire 


Francis and Marie are great Firehouse supporters who have been with us practically since the beginning.  We are always lucky to be able to host any Gregoire celebration, and their anniversary is no exception.  Francis will start the dance with Marie, and then all the tangueros  will cut in to tango with Marie and the tangueras will did the same for Francis.   We usually celebrate their anniversary with a feast of  chicken, ribs, shrimp and chocolate cake generously provided by the celebrants. For cortinas, I will use Francis and Marie's anniversary music from their fortieth anniversary three years ago.   


December 27


Sue out A Team takes over. See below for details. Not sure yet who will DJ birthdays, just great dancing, eating, and socializing with wonderful people. 

Firehouse Tango will celebrate all the  holidays on Thursday, December 13th.  


As usual, expect wonderful friends, door prizes, food, and dancing; but dress for a party.  Holiday cortinas and the decorated hall will set the mood, and we'll give you an extra half hour to celebrate.  Keep your eyes open for the yearly visit from Santa.  I heard that he will travel all the way from Colorado to join us.  



As always, our $15 admission charge will also include beginner (7 - 7:30) and intermediate (7:30 - 8:30) lessons taught by Fran Chesleigh and buffet dinner.

Holiday Milonga at Firehouse Tango December 13th

Bring a dish to the Holiday Milonga on December 13th


Here are the contributions so far for our holiday milonga.  Please let us know if you would like to bring something:


 If you would like to make something for the Christmas/Hanukah/New Years milonga, please let me know.  It doesn't even have to be home made

Sue out December 27

Sue off to Maryland and Florida 


I'll be spending Christmas with my family in Maryland and then flying down to Florida to spend New Years with my sweetie.  Fortunately, I can leave my baby (That would be Firehouse Tango) worry free because I have incredible friends who are more than willing and able to keep the Firehouse fires burning brightly. Please support our wonderful back-up team. 




The logistics - The A Team


Terri Lopez (Wonder(ful) Woman - see above for proof) and Steve Turi (aka Superman) have generously offered to head up our milonga logistics team in addition to their normal invaluable weekly help.  The tasks involved in running Firehouse are monumental, and we are incredibly fortunate to have so many fabulous friends willing to step in whenever needed. 


But What about the Music? 


Not to worry.  While we are away, your tangos, milongas and valses will be spun by  fabulous guest DJ, Al Ko, who has been our Firehouse friend since the days at Firehouse # 4 in Paramus.  Al has DJ'd in many places, including Stardust Dance Studios and all of the Tango Loco Milongas.  You will love his music.





How about the newsletter?


This Firehouse Tango newsletter has been published nearly every week since March, 2002 and thanks to Fran and Pat, the next two weeks will be no exception. 


Among his countless talents, our remarkable instructor, Fran Chesleigh, is a professional writer.  As always when I am out, he and his equally extraordinary assistant, Pat Altman, flawlessly and with a style of their own, take over the task of writing the Firehouse Tango newsletter.  I will send his handiwork out when I return.


This awesome duo is usually found at “Fran’s Table” in the alcove closest to the DJ table.  They are always happy to answer your Tango questions or show you how to do something you might have missed, so make sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best.