October, 2018 / November 1 at Firehouse Tango


October 4 & October 11​​​​​​​


October 4 - Pearl Chen's Birthday


October 4 & 11

Join Pat and Fran for a two-week-long exploration of milonga. On October 4th and 11th, we’ll be devoting our intermediate class to the fundamentals of this exciting, up-tempo dance. As in the past, these lessons will be cumulative with each session building on the one before. So plan to be with us for both weeks. Get to the Firehouse early, and don’t miss a moment of this outstanding, celebration of one of Argentina’s great dance traditions.

The normal beginner lesson will take place from 7 to 7:30.

 As many of our regulars know, Argentine social dancing includes not only tango, but two other dance forms as well - vals and milonga. Since tango is what we focus on primarily in our weekly classes here at the Firehouse, people are often a bit timid about getting up to dance when a vals or milonga are played.  Come to these classes and this will change.


October 11


With 14 years dancing together, this multiple-styled couple have achieved identity and personality in their dance, exquisite and perfect blend of high technique, dynamism, musicality and authentic feeling of the intrinsic roots of Tango Argentino.

After having worked at the most important tango houses and shows in Buenos Aires, such as "Señor Tango", "Esquina Carlos Gardel" and in tango Musicals as "Tanguera" and "Tango Emotion
They choreographed, produced and directed their own tango company "ConjuroTango" with a cast of 26 artists on scene, this great show has sucessfully performed at the Major Theatres and Operas in China.
They have been held at the major theater, in cities such as Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Munich, Moscow and Sao Paulo. Currently, he is producing and in the process of making off, his new masterpiece, “Back to Tango", that will be premiered in 2019.

In 2017/ 2018 they directed and choreoghraped "Tangostory show, A live documentary of Tango" worldwide premiered in Sao Paulo - Brazil for the closing show of the official preliminary of the world tango championship

Apart from that, they have created, directed and performed eight different thematic solo shows, as "Timeless", "Around the world", "The shadow of Malevo"and "All about tango" "Movies" "Stories about  Love and Tango"
"Conjure of Tango

As a Master in their lessons and workshops they teach how to dance and sharing the essence of traditional tango,  using natural movements applied to the dance, thus they have achieved great results in students of all ages around of the world.



October 18  - No birthdays, just great dancing, eating, and socializing.


October 25  - No birthdays, just great dancing, eating, and socializing. Sue out.  Terri, Steve, and the A Team take over.


I'm off to visit my favorite city, Buenos Aires, Argentina


My dear friend Diane and I will be visiting Buenos Aires for ten wonderful days.  Fortunately, I can leave my baby (That would be Firehouse Tango) worry free because I have incredible friends who are more than willing and able to keep the Firehouse fires burning brightly. Please support our wonderful back-up team. 

The logistics - The A Team


Terri Lopez (Wonder(ful) Woman) and Steve Turi (aka Superman) have generously offered to head up our milonga logistics team in addition to their normal invaluable weekly help.  The tasks involved in running Firehouse are monumental, and we are incredibly fortunate to have so many fabulous friends willing to step in whenever needed. 

But What about the Music? Al Ko


Not to worry.  While we are away, your tangos, milongas and valses will be spun by fabulous guest DJ, Al Ko.  Al is well known to our Firehouse friends.  He and Lily come to Firehouse almost every Thursday when they are not traveling, though this is the first time he's DJ'ing for us.   


Lily and Al, together with Mike Porro and Debbie Kim, host the amazing New Years Eve Milonga at Grand Ballroom in Midland Park.


How about the newsletter?


This Firehouse Tango newsletter has been published nearly every week since March, 2002 and thanks to Fran and Pat, the next two weeks will be no exception. 

Among his countless talents, our remarkable instructor, Fran Chesleigh, is a professional writer.  As always when I am out, he and his equally extraordinary assistant, Pat Altman, flawlessly and with a style of their own, take over the task of writing the Firehouse Tango newsletter.  I will send his handiwork out when I return.

This awesome duo is usually found at “Fran’s Table” in the alcove closest to the DJ table.  They are always happy to answer your Tango questions or show you how to do something you might have missed, so make sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best.  


November 1  - Halloween Milonga


Don't put your costume away.  Our Halloween (always one of the highlights of our year) party will take place on November 1st.  It features:

Join us  on Thursday, November 1st for our sixteenth annual Firehouse Halloween Milonga (Basic tango lessons from 7:00 to 7:30, and intermediate tango lessons from 7:30 - 8:30.)


If you don't have a costume, don't let it keep you away, but come, dance and cheer for your friends. Costumed or not, expect a great evening. In addition to awards for the most creative, best couple, funniest and sexiest costumes, we've got some great door prizes (costume not required to be eligible.) 

Of course, also included in the low price of only $15 are lessons taught by Fran Chesleigh; a buffet dinner; and dancing and socializing with the fabulous Firehouse tangueros.