August, 2018 at Firehouse Tango



Thursday, August 2nd - Birthday of Ceferino

Birthday of Ceferino -  We love having him with us, but he's leaving to go home to Buenos Aires for a while.  We will miss him.  In the meantime, let's have a great celebration.  Eva will start the birthday dance, and I will follow.  Then, all you tangueras can cut in.  



Thursday, August 9th - Joe and Herb's Birthdays

Since the death of Joe Dallon (my dear husband, as well as my Firehouse Tango partner and co-founder) four years ago, I have marked his August 11th  birthday by using one of his wonderful playlists.  Herb's birthday is August 12th,  so last year, I honored both of these very special guys together.  I'll do it again this year on Thursday, August 9th.   Joe's playlist will be the evening's music, and we will celebrate Herb with cake and a birthday tango.  After I start the dance,  all of the Firehouse Tangueras will follow.  He will love it!  


Last year, although it wasn't my birthday, some of the tangueros decided that it should be, so I danced along with Herb.  I shall be happy to do so again -- or not. 


August 16th - Nameday of Maria Zampetoulas


Firehouse friend, Maria, had so much fun last year celebrating her nameday at Firehouse that she decided to do it again.   The more of you who join in her nameday tango, the happier she will be.  So, to all of you Firehouse tangueros, let's make it wonderful for her.


Thursday, August 23rd

No special celebrations.  Just great dancing and socializing with the friendliest crowd around.



Thursday, August 30th - Anniversary of Walter and Gay Monteblanco


 We will celebrate Walter and Gay Monteblanco's ninth anniversary with great joy on August 30th.  Last year, Gay had hurt her back, and I filled in for her at the anniversary dance. No such luck this year (not about Gay's back, about my dance). The lovely couple will start the dance and I will follow with Walter before the long line of Firehouse tangueras.  The tangueros can dance with Gay.  

Walter has been a close friend and supporter since the very beginning at Paramus Firehouse # 4, and Gay came soon after.  When they aren't traveling, they come to Firehouse often.  ​​​​​​​ 


The cake with Walter and Gay's photo will, as always, be huge, beautiful and delicious.