May, 2019 at Firehouse Tango


May 2 Birthday of Walter Monteblanco

We are thrilled and honored to celebrate Walter's birthday at Firehouse.  Our wonderful friend Walter has been teaching Argentine Tango since way before I knew it existed, and he's my absolute favorite vals partner in the world as well as one of my favorite people. 

Gay will start the celebratory dance, and I will try as hard as possible to be second.  Each of the tangueras can then have her turn. Since Walter follows as flawlessly as he leads, we invite the tangueros to cut in as well.  I will play music as long as there is a line.  

May 9th Birthday of Francis Gregoire with showcase and fortieth anniversary music

Francis and Marie Gregoire have been coming to Firehouse for many years and have been to Buenos Aires with us three times, and we are honored to be able to celebrate Francis' birthday on May 9th.  Francis will start the birthday tango with Marie and then the lucky ladies began cutting in (me first). Francis is a terrific dancer, and it will be delightful.

We will be treated to a rendition of the couple's showcase dance, and I  will use the music from their 40th anniversary for cortinas. 

Francis and Marie always outdo themselves with the food, and I'm sure that this time will be no different. 


May 16 - Birthday of Gay Fallows Monteblanco

Gay returns to Firehouse occasionally in between extensive world travels with her husband and our dear friend, Walter. 

Gay has been a Firehouse friend for years, and we are always happy to celebrate with her. Walter will start the birthday dance, and then all of the Firehouse milongueros will join in.

Walter, as usual,  will bring a fabulously delicious cake and bottles of champagne that will disappear very quickly.

May 23 - Birthday of Eva Roth

Our dear milonguera from Buenos Aires, who took Firehouse by storm a few years ago and cooks something different for us almost every Thursday when she is here, will celebrate her birthday with us on May 23.   Eva loves the milonga (both the place and the dance), and she will surely glow while dancing her favorite dance. Ceferino, our porteno (born and bred in Bs. As.) friend,  will start, and her many admirers will follow

Thursday, May 30 - No celebrations, just great music, food, dancing and socializing with the friendliest crowd around.