May, 2017 at Firehouse Tango



Thursday, May 4th Marta Bautis - Birthday 

Marta Bautis has been around tango for a long time.  She is a terrific dancer who loves dancing at Firehouse, and you can find her there most Thursday nights. Marta will pick the lucky guy to start the birthday tango and one after another, the Firehouse Tangueros will love cutting in.

Marta is an Argentinean filmmaker who began her career as a photojournalist and has worked throughout Latin America. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been screened at numerous national and international film festivals. She is also a faculty member at the School of Contemporary Arts, Ramapo College of New Jersey and founder of Tiempo Azul Productions.

Thursday, May 11th - Walter Monteblanco - Birthday

As always, we are thrilled and honored to celebrate Walter's birthday at Firehouse.  Our wonderful friend Walter has been teaching Argentine Tango since way before I knew it existed, and he's my absolute favorite vals partner in the world as well as one of my favorite people. 


Gay will start the celebratory dance, and I will try as hard as possible to be second.  Each of the tangueras can then have her turn. Since Walter follows as flawlessly as he leads, we invite the tangueros to cut in as well.  I will play music as long as there is a line.  ​


Thursday, May 18th and 25th
No birthdays, only great dancing, socializing and eating with your Firehouse Tango friends.