Mike and Debbie Judy Francis
Gino and Nueva Milonguera Sylvester and Debbie Marie
Rose and Eduardo Lisbeth and Herb

Kevin and Tsipoyra

Consuelo Dave and Bao Vo Rosa, Aurora, and Maria
Milonguero and Debbie Lisbeth and Herb Jean

Bao Vo and Dave   Bonnie and Jack


Bao Vo, Judy, Jeanne, and Irina Gino Milonguero and Jean
Jeanne, Mike, and Rose Rosa Bill, Rose, and Eduardo
Judy and Bao Vo Rafael and Hilda Peter, Jean, and Milonguero
Herb and Judy Costume Contest Winners Bao Vo, Judy, Jeanne, and Irina
Marion and Jean Carl and Mona Lynn and Steve

Walter and Jeanne    


Faye and Lou Kevin and Tsipoyra Joyce and Andrew
Milonguera Consuelo Jeanne and Peter


Tobia and Aurora Debbie Jeanne and Steve
Francis and Jeanne Walter, Jeanne, and Sue Jeanne and Burt

Irina and Jeanne   Jada


Andrew and Joyce Elissa and Mike Rafael and Hilda