Who are Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco and what can they do for us?

Carolina and Diego are possibly the world’s best known Argentine Tango couple, having been in the original cast of Forever Tango and nominated for a Tony award for Best choreography.  They were principal dancers and choreographers for the PBS show Tango Magic and have performed in the US, Canada, Europe, Israel and Japan.  Incredibly, both of them are as gifted at teaching as they are at dancing.  Their instructional videos have sold many thousands of copies, and their workshops are in great demand around the globe.

Fortunately for us, Carolina and Diego who chose to live in New Jersey and recently had their first child, are interested in raising the bar for Tango in our area.  They have agreed to present a series of workshops right here at the Knights of Columbus in Maywood.  Tango lovers at every level should take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to learn and improve their Tango skills locally and at a very reasonable cost.